Iwrp Consortium Membership Agreement

The IRP consortium uses blank documents for prototype proposals compared to the traditional acquisition application process. The LARCS prototype white paper was submitted on September 11 and, from concept to price, it lasted only 119 days. The Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Procurement (ASN RDA) James Geurts recently approved an increase in the $400 million cap and a two-year extension of the delivery period (PoP) for the Naval Information Warfare Systems Command (NAVWAR) Launched Research Project (IWRP). Founded in October 2018, IRP uses another acquisition method called Other Transaction Authority (OTA) to streamline the acquisition process, rapidly develop prototypes and provide the fleet with advanced technologies. The IRP uses a unionized approach and is managed by Advanced Technology International (ATI). «This incredible milestone is a first for the Navy and truly underscores how NAVWAR is the leader in non-FAR acquisitions to bring fast skills to our sailors and marines,» said Kevin Charlow, Executive Director of IWRP, Executive Director of the Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) Atlantic. When the project was launched in 2018, IRP secured a cap of $100 million and a performance period until the summer of 2021. Until June 2020, the IWRP team allocated 100% of the cap – an aggressive performance considering the 36 months planned for the project. «The fact that we spent the cap well in the performance period really shows the demand and interest from industry and government for agile acquisitions,» said Lisa Rosenbaum, IWRP Agreements Officer and NIWC Atlantic Non-FAR Agreements Lead. Due to the potential for exponential growth in the future, the IRP`s collective management team is working directly with ASN RDA to ensure an extension of the programme. «IWRP has proven its effectiveness and success as an optimized approach for rapid prototyping,» said Jee Youn Fickling, IWRP Program Director at NIWC Atlantic. «Due to the growing interest in prototyping to keep pace with technology, IWRP OTA offers flexibility and speed in 14 technology areas.

The growing interest of IRP users in many Navy and Marine Corps command and program offices and the growing size of the consortium speak volumes about the need for rapid awards for prototypes. Increases to the IRP base, which went into effect in July, now put the program at a cap of $500 million and a total of five years` PoP. .